What Is A Keynote Speaker Exactly?

Everyone seems to confuse a keynote speaker with a motivational speaker, an inspirational speaker, a seminar moderator, a subject matter expert and other similar types of speakers.

In truth, a keynote speaker can be any of these professional speakers. What’s different about them is that they are usually hired to set the tone or ‘key’ to an entire event.

A lot of companies hold conventions, seminars, training and similar events that require experts to give their two cents on a topic, which is essential to the event. They will invite industry experts and other subject matter experts to teach the participants things that can add value to their line of work. Often, they will hire 2 or more industry experts with varied specialization to give the participants different types of information that are still related to the main purpose of the event. The speaker tasked to do the keynote’s job is usually asked to speak at the beginning of the event to set the tone of the rest of the other speakers to follow.

Keynote Speaker

A good keynote speaker has a unique set of skills and experiences related to the topic of his choice. This means that he has undergone some training, had the first-hand experience and can be considered as an expert in his field. He has to be a bit of an expert in the field because he will be talking to an audience with an extensive knowledge of the topic. This is one of the things that differentiate him from other professional speakers. Some professional speakers are not necessarily experts but can speak well about their topic of choice. This is because they possibly did a lot of research about the topic or are just really passionate about it.

Keynote speakers also talk more often to people working in the same or related industry. They don’t generalize their statements because everyone in the audience is expected to have some clue as to what the speaker is talking about. They talk about specific instances that only that particular group of the audience will understand. Also, unlike other professional speakers who can repeat the same speech over and over to different sets of audiences, they usually tailor fit their speeches just for an event to make it more relevant to the company that hired them.

With other professional speakers, some events are centered on their talk, meaning their speech is the most important part of the event. With the keynote speaker, he will sometimes be the center of the event but more often, he is there to simply whet the audience’s appetite for the more in-depth speeches that will be given by other industry experts later on. He often needs to adjust his speech to fit the requirements of the event and to make sure that he isn’t breaching the other speaker’s topics.

Each topic that this type of speaker talks of has a particular focus – be it customer management, sales or human resource management. They are expected to add value to the event and impart knowledge about the event’s purpose to the audience. At motivational-speaker-success.com, we know how important it is to relate to the audience, so we always make sure that we do our research about the event and bring fresh ideas to every talk that we give. We want to make sure that the audience learns something new from us.

Keynote SpeakerSometimes, speakers tasked to do keynote speeches also talk about some of the challenges that the company is facing. They try to address these concerns with their own stories about their experiences to give the audience ideas on how to overcome these difficult situations. They sometimes talk about the actual problems or potential problems that the company is facing then give their take on how to resolve them. They do this with the permission of the client, of course.

Lastly, the people tasked to make the keynote speech have to ensure that their speech aligns with the goals of the company that hired them. The do this by knowing the client’s mission and the purpose as to why they are brought in. They collaborate with the company subject matter experts to make sure that their speech will conform to what the client is looking for. They also ask what the expected takeaway will be for the audience and make sure that they deliver. Some companies, especially at sales and product launch events, even ask the speaker to promote the brand, talk explicitly about the product in relation to their area of expertise and other similar purposes.



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What to do with Excessively Wet Golf Shoes

Golf ShoesThere are times when an unexpected change in weather happens, leaving golf shoes soaking wet. There are also times when the culprit is the golfer’s unstable foothold, causing him or her to lose his or her balance and accidentally immerse his or her foot in the pond. There are other possible scenarios where the golfer might end up soaking his or her shoes and leave them dripping wet.

A golfer might think that the shoes will no longer function the way they should or they won’t be able to give the same benefits and advantages after the unfortunate incident. There are other golfers who just let the shoes dry on their own and do nothing.

A golfer will definitely lose his or her precious shoes if he or she won’t do something and just leave them on the ground to dry. The moisture will allow mold to thrive, as well as other organisms that can contribute a lot in worsening the golf footwear’s condition. In the end, the golfer’s only choice is to throw out his or her golf shoes.

Drying the shoes using a blow drier will only cause irreparable damage on the material of the shoes. The sudden temperature change could give way to the cracking of the exterior part of the shoes, making them unpleasant to look at.

There is a Way to Save the Shoes

When the shoes are dripping wet, it is imperative to clean them right away. Get a clean towel, rag, or cloth and wipe the exterior part of the shoes. Gently press the clean rag on the surface of the footwear. It should act like a sponge and absorb the wetness or moisture on the surface.

If the shoes have laces, it is best to remove them. It is also advisable to remove the insoles that the shoes have if there are any. Let the laces and insoles dry separately.

Stuff the insides of the shoes with some newspaper and let the paper absorb the water inside. Change the soaked newspaper with fresh ones to continue absorbing excess moisture. Some use rags or cloth instead of newspaper in drying their golf shoes, but if there are pieces of newspaper around, it is best to use them.

Press a piece of cloth gently inside the shoe to absorb the remaining moisture.

Leave the shoes in a dry open area. It is foolish to immediately store away the shoes in a closet or cabinet after soaking the moisture. The shoes still have deeply-embedded moisture in them. It could still invite mold to set in if the embedded moisture has not dried out. Let the shoes dry naturally on their own after the liquid has been absorbed. Do not use any gadget in drying them.


Use shoe trees allow the shoes to preserve their form and shape. Wear and tear will eventually deform the shoes and the water makes it faster. Put some commercial foot-odor fighters in the shoes and let them stay there for a couple of days.
In using a bacteria-killer spray, make sure that it gets only to the insides of the shoes. There is a possibility for the spray to damage the exterior of the shoes, making the golfer discard the shoes in the end.

When there are games during rainy days or when there is a chance of rainfall during the game, it is best to get a pair of waterproof shoes to avoid so much trouble. Waterproof shoes also come in different styles and designs and the golfer just needs to choose the one that tickles his or her fancy.

The golf shoes are the golfer’s comrades in the golf battlefield, and it is important to keep them in tiptop shape all the time.

Making an Online Business More Successful with some Overlooked Link Building Strategies

Online marketers know how important it is to include relevant links in running a business site. In fact, links are used by Google in order to evaluate the influence of a webpage. Simply put, if your website can attract certain links generated by other web pages measured by Google’s algorithm, then your page will have an increased value for prospects and customers. The general concept of link building is to boost the power or authority of your webpage so that you can gain more visitors and eventually increase conversion rates.

How It Works

Links work when one page is linked to another page then the first page suggests that visitors should check the second page. The main goal is to build trust among potential customers and assist them in visiting the page suggested through the link. However, you Link Building Strategiesneed to consider the “nofollow tag” which allows the links to get included in the webpage for the creation of clickable links integrated in another webpage. The process may seem difficult but you can work with an expert to help you get through the entire procedure.

Some people decide to hire a professional link building service provider available in the local area to help boost results. You can actually buy links if you want to since it’s one of the most effective strategies to ensure online marketing success. Increased organic traffic is just one of the advantages you will get once you choose to employ a link building service for your website.

Essence of Link Building

Links are important because of so many reasons and benefits. If you are successful in establishing links, it will be easier to attract more visitors to your site. It’s like having enough votes for a politician to win the electoral race. For websites, it is an assurance to appear on first page results of major search engines like Google. And to help you determine a good quality link target, you may backlinkingidentify which pages have visitors that share the same interests as your web content.

Links aren’t all the same or equal because they carry different “voting rights”. While one webpage may only have 3-4 links in order to rank on search engines, other web pages may need more. Hence, securing high quality links can be a daunting task for website owners especially if they are new to the whole process. This is why it’s important to know where to find an excellent link building company to help you drive results. To get more samples of how link building works, you can browse various online resources.

In order for you to know which links are beneficial to your site, you need to understand how important it is to create something that is worth connecting to. But you need thought, research, planning, hard work and creativity before you can achieve your internet marketing goals. There are only two factors to know if your links are effective:

  1. The link sends valuable web traffic to the site.
  2. It tells Google and other major search engines that your website is an influence or authority.

Why Work With the Experts

To help you in making informed decisions regarding your marketing plans, you need to consider the importance of quality link building. If you are able to integrate relevant links to your site, then rest assured that you will get the results you’ve always wanted. Always avoid creating link spammers to prevent your site from getting penalized. If the work seems hard for you, there are professional services offered on the internet when it comes to specialized link building strategies.

Now, you may check out the sites of various SEO firms for more details about the best techniques to use when building quality links to your site. The cost efficient solutions you will get are helpful in making your site more visible to prospects and customers no matter where they are in the planet.

Why Monetary Policies Affect Inflation

One of the biggest factors, which causes inflation is the sudden drop of supplies that don’t meet the population demands. This is evident when buying meals at restaurants. It is either the portions get smaller at the same price or the price increases with the same portions of food.

A healthy economic cycle naturally rises and falls in prices so that the demands for goods can balance the supply of Inflationraw materials. However, this does not stop economists from thinking that inflation is the biggest enemy of the market. The sudden increase in prices decreases the consumption power of the general public and translates to slow returns of money.

However, inflation does not stop from there. Ending the explanation with mere supply and demand alone is not enough to cover everything there is to know about inflation.

Lax Monetary Policies

Inflation is often the result of lax monetary policies that have not been reversed. Lax monetary policies, or easy money policies, lower interest rates to allow new cash to flow. While this is an ideal solution to increase employment and make loans more accessible, it will eventually lead to a lower monetary value, then eventually inflation, if not controlled properly. There’s a perfectly good reason why it is not a good idea to make everyone become billionaires.

Monetary PoliciesWhen a bank makes too much money, the monetary value of the currency itself decreases as time passes by. In short, when there’s more money there’s less power to spend on more goods. The prices will quickly adjust to the increase of currency causing what’s called a hyperinflation.

Japan almost had this problem back in WWII, but addressed it through intentionally devaluing the yen and changing their limit of deflation, or a sudden decrease of prices. In turn, this led to a stable economic development that has helped Japan throughout the years. Despite the yen being considered the cheapest form of currency, Japan’s exchange rates fare better than most Asian countries.

However, not all countries were able to address the problem.

Zimbabwe faced the worst poverty problem in 2009 because it experienced the worst kind of hyperinflation. The interest rates were so low, it’s calculated that 175 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars were the equivalent of just one US dollar in exchange rates last 2015. This indirectly caused a shortage of goods that led to a multi-currency system that allows other currencies outside of Zimbabwe to be used.

Increase of Commercial and International Loans

Lax monetary policies can also explain the sudden increase of loans across the globe, especially commercial and international loans.

Commercial and international loans are ideal for corporate transactions and offshore businesses. However, the foreign exchange involved in these transactions can sometimes have an indirect effect to inflation rates in the economy because inflation rates decrease a currency’s value.

In other words, people borrow too much money because they spend too much. This can take a toll on so many commodities that it would be almost impossible to spend on anything.

As of 2004, prices in different commodities such as oil, food, fuel and water rose to record levels in various parts of the globe. The supplies of raw material had roll back to a point that it hasn’t met the demands of the rapidly growing population. Even highly economic countries such as US and China are experiencing a slow but steady decline both in their business revenues and work forces. Factories are losing steam, gas prices are hiking up and more people are finding themselves unemployed.

There are just too many loans.

Having lax monetary policies can either solve the loan problems or make them worse since the relationship between International Loansinflation and interest rates are often too complicated to balance. Increase interest rates from one country to another and it would result to less loans but a higher chance of having an inflation of prices. Decrease interest rates, on the other hand, and this will result to more loans and the prices deflating bit by bit.

Apparently, this isn’t the case in the field of investment, which concerns non-consumer related things. Since foreign exchange investments are basically bets to see which prices go lower or high, intentionally altering the exchange rates sometimes has a negative impact with investors. Investors sometimes root for high exchange rates because money often comes back tenfold.

Fiscal Policy

There are cases when a country’s lax monetary system causes the inflation rates to go way out of hand that the government resorts to fiscal policies.

A fiscal policy is another word for a tax cut. It basically tries to take money out of the economy in the belief that an increase, or decrease, in tax would lower the risks of inflation.

How do taxes curb inflation? It decreases the amount of money people spend on without having a large impact on their power to spend. It would make sense that taxes can decrease inflation rates since inflation is caused by too much flow of money. Instead, the extra currency would be put back in government banks for later use. This controls the monetary value of currency and their distribution at the same time.

Is Inflation All Bad?

Despite the indication of supply shortage, inflation is not that big of a problem unless it severely limits the people’s spending power

Inflation is inevitable because economy isn’t always fixed. A healthy inflation of prices not only sets quality on certain goods. It also keeps cash flow in moderate rates at the same time. A rise in prices only indicates the overall progress in good economya country’s economy. Keeping a track of prices would highlight the strong and weak points of a country’s currency system.

If there is anything worse than hyperinflation, it is severe price deflation. Investors would not put their money on something that lowers in price. While it does grant more spending power, it indicates that the demands grow weaker and the economic progress of a country would slow down eventually.

The key to a good economy is to find a balance between inflation and deflation of prices, and knowing exactly what to do in a given time frame when things get out of hand.