Golf ShoesThere are times when an unexpected change in weather happens, leaving golf shoes soaking wet. There are also times when the culprit is the golfer’s unstable foothold, causing him or her to lose his or her balance and accidentally immerse his or her foot in the pond. There are other possible scenarios where the golfer might end up soaking his or her shoes and leave them dripping wet.

A golfer might think that the shoes will no longer function the way they should or they won’t be able to give the same benefits and advantages after the unfortunate incident. There are other golfers who just let the shoes dry on their own and do nothing.

A golfer will definitely lose his or her precious shoes if he or she won’t do something and just leave them on the ground to dry. The moisture will allow mold to thrive, as well as other organisms that can contribute a lot in worsening the golf footwear’s condition. In the end, the golfer’s only choice is to throw out his or her golf shoes.

Drying the shoes using a blow drier will only cause irreparable damage on the material of the shoes. The sudden temperature change could give way to the cracking of the exterior part of the shoes, making them unpleasant to look at.

There is a Way to Save the Shoes

When the shoes are dripping wet, it is imperative to clean them right away. Get a clean towel, rag, or cloth and wipe the exterior part of the shoes. Gently press the clean rag on the surface of the footwear. It should act like a sponge and absorb the wetness or moisture on the surface.

If the shoes have laces, it is best to remove them. It is also advisable to remove the insoles that the shoes have if there are any. Let the laces and insoles dry separately.

Stuff the insides of the shoes with some newspaper and let the paper absorb the water inside. Change the soaked newspaper with fresh ones to continue absorbing excess moisture. Some use rags or cloth instead of newspaper in drying their golf shoes, but if there are pieces of newspaper around, it is best to use them.

Press a piece of cloth gently inside the shoe to absorb the remaining moisture.

Leave the shoes in a dry open area. It is foolish to immediately store away the shoes in a closet or cabinet after soaking the moisture. The shoes still have deeply-embedded moisture in them. It could still invite mold to set in if the embedded moisture has not dried out. Let the shoes dry naturally on their own after the liquid has been absorbed. Do not use any gadget in drying them.


Use shoe trees allow the shoes to preserve their form and shape. Wear and tear will eventually deform the shoes and the water makes it faster. Put some commercial foot-odor fighters in the shoes and let them stay there for a couple of days.
In using a bacteria-killer spray, make sure that it gets only to the insides of the shoes. There is a possibility for the spray to damage the exterior of the shoes, making the golfer discard the shoes in the end.

When there are games during rainy days or when there is a chance of rainfall during the game, it is best to get a pair of waterproof shoes to avoid so much trouble. Waterproof shoes also come in different styles and designs and the golfer just needs to choose the one that tickles his or her fancy.

The golf shoes are the golfer’s comrades in the golf battlefield, and it is important to keep them in tiptop shape all the time.