Everyone seems to confuse a keynote speaker with a motivational speaker, an inspirational speaker, a seminar moderator, a subject matter expert and other similar types of speakers.

In truth, a keynote speaker can be any of these professional speakers. What’s different about them is that they are usually hired to set the tone or ‘key’ to an entire event.

A lot of companies hold conventions, seminars, training and similar events that require experts to give their two cents on a topic, which is essential to the event. They will invite industry experts and other subject matter experts to teach the participants things that can add value to their line of work. Often, they will hire 2 or more industry experts with varied specialization to give the participants different types of information that are still related to the main purpose of the event. The speaker tasked to do the keynote’s job is usually asked to speak at the beginning of the event to set the tone of the rest of the other speakers to follow.

Keynote Speaker

A good keynote speaker has a unique set of skills and experiences related to the topic of his choice. This means that he has undergone some training, had the first-hand experience and can be considered as an expert in his field. He has to be a bit of an expert in the field because he will be talking to an audience with an extensive knowledge of the topic. This is one of the things that differentiate him from other professional speakers. Some professional speakers are not necessarily experts but can speak well about their topic of choice. This is because they possibly did a lot of research about the topic or are just really passionate about it.

Keynote speakers also talk more often to people working in the same or related industry. They don’t generalize their statements because everyone in the audience is expected to have some clue as to what the speaker is talking about. They talk about specific instances that only that particular group of the audience will understand. Also, unlike other professional speakers who can repeat the same speech over and over to different sets of audiences, they usually tailor fit their speeches just for an event to make it more relevant to the company that hired them.

With other professional speakers, some events are centered on their talk, meaning their speech is the most important part of the event. With the keynote speaker, he will sometimes be the center of the event but more often, he is there to simply whet the audience’s appetite for the more in-depth speeches that will be given by other industry experts later on. He often needs to adjust his speech to fit the requirements of the event and to make sure that he isn’t breaching the other speaker’s topics.

Each topic that this type of speaker talks of has a particular focus – be it customer management, sales or human resource management. They are expected to add value to the event and impart knowledge about the event’s purpose to the audience. At motivational-speaker-success.com, we know how important it is to relate to the audience, so we always make sure that we do our research about the event and bring fresh ideas to every talk that we give. We want to make sure that the audience learns something new from us.

Keynote SpeakerSometimes, speakers tasked to do keynote speeches also talk about some of the challenges that the company is facing. They try to address these concerns with their own stories about their experiences to give the audience ideas on how to overcome these difficult situations. They sometimes talk about the actual problems or potential problems that the company is facing then give their take on how to resolve them. They do this with the permission of the client, of course.

Lastly, the people tasked to make the keynote speech have to ensure that their speech aligns with the goals of the company that hired them. The do this by knowing the client’s mission and the purpose as to why they are brought in. They collaborate with the company subject matter experts to make sure that their speech will conform to what the client is looking for. They also ask what the expected takeaway will be for the audience and make sure that they deliver. Some companies, especially at sales and product launch events, even ask the speaker to promote the brand, talk explicitly about the product in relation to their area of expertise and other similar purposes.



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